#10 year challenge

#10 year Challenge: How cricketers react on challenge 5/5 (1)

#10- year Challenge becomes Viral on the various social platform. Indian cricketer also reacts on this. Many Indian players share their photos and participated in the #10-year challenge. In this challenge, participants have to share their current photo with 10 years later photo. The 10-year challenge comes in trends list on Twitter. Indian cricketers like Ajiynkya Rahane, Ashwin and other players share their photos.

ICC also gives tribute to some players. ICC gives tribute to Dohni for his performance. They share photo of Dohni, Malinga and Md Amir on their twitter account.

Who started #10 year challenge

At till date, it is not clear that who started this challenge but it is clear it is due to Facebook features. Facebook gives these features where you can see your old memory. It is types of the memo. Facebook CEO mark jukerberg photo also gets viral all over world.

We will add some tweets of cricketers. Let’s check here ICC and cricketer photos. The most amazing post comes Prithvi Shaw who tell their inclusion in team India.

10- year challenge tweets

Ajiynkya Rahane

R. Ashwin

Prithvi Shaw


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