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Who is a better ODI cricketer, Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli, 2013 onward? 5/5 (3)

This question comes in mind when you are an Indian cricket team fan. There is a lot of debate over these two batsmen. Many cricket experts favor Virat Kohli and other Rohit Sharma. Here we discuss the record of both these cricketers to find who is better ODI cricketer.

Rohit Sharma who struggles at the start of the carrier but team management had confidence in him. Many experts were just saying that he had to much time to play stokes. which make him best than other players.

Rohit played some good inning but he fails to convert these runs in the big inning. In 2013 Dhoni took the decision to make him opener because he can play good pickup sorts. This Decision of Ms. Dhoni transform Rohit Sharma carrier.

Virat Kohli who starts his carrier after Rohit Sharma but he is always consistent in his performance. He may have no more shorts than Rohit Sharma but he is a hard worker which make him best than others.

Comparison for better ODI cricketer record

At this time Virat Kohli is number 1 at ICC ODI ranking and Rohit Sharma at number 2 in ranking. Both of them played some great inning in last five year.

First, we look at the record of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli for better ODI cricketer.

Before Rohit Sharma starts as an opener.

Rohit Sharma86197830.432/12114
Virat Kohli96402850.3513/20183

There is no debate over these performances but you can also say that Rohit Sharma bat low order. In this time, Virat Kohli overshadows all other batsmen of Indian batsmen.

Better ODI cricketer
Photo credit: BCCI

Virat Kohli bat at number 3 or 4 and become the consistent member and scorer. Rohit played some good knock but not able to fix his place in the team. Rohit was not able to take the place in the world cup 2011 which was played in India but Virat was the member of that world cup.

Before Rohit Sharma starts as an opener.

match Runs Avg 100/50 Highest

Rohit Sharma
115 5,83057.08 20/27264

Virat Kohli
126 650565.05 26/29 183

After seeing this stats one thing is clear that Virat Kohli has the edge of better ODI cricketer over Rohit Sharma but you cannot ignore Rohit Sharma performance.

Better ODI Cricketer
photo credit: BCCI

After becoming opener Rohit Sharma becomes one of the most consistent cricketers in the world cricket. He has the highest average as the opener in ODI after 2013. Rohit has the highest average of 57.12. He scored 3 double century. His highest score in ODI is 264 against Sri-lanka. Rohit scored 20 century in 5 year.

But, when it comes to better ODI cricketer over Virat Kohli then these record becomes short. Virat Kohli did the same thing which Rohit Sharma did. Virat scored the maximum run in these last 5 years and maximum 100. which make more consistent than Rohit Sharma.

VERDICT::: I think both of them is best from each other but Virat kohli has edge on better ODI cricketer.

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