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We start our discussion with question who is the best ODI opener in the world ? when this question comes one answer comes in mind is sachin Tendulkar, Jayasuriya, Ganguly, Gilchrist and many more. There is having no any doubt that Sachin is best for first opener. Sachin who scored 15320 runs as opening batsman. But there is having question for second opener Jayasuriya scored lots of runs but he is not consistent same issue with Gilchrist.

Thus one of the main contender is Rohit sharma who scored a master class hundred tomorrow. Rohit scored 133 runs. This one is 22nd hundred for him. There are having various debate that is rohit sharma the best ODI opener in the world. Rohit sharma who known as talented batsman but not performing. Before 2013 There are having no doubt on rohit class but he not able convert this talent into runs. Rohit play some good inning but he is inconsistent. Rohit score only 2 hundred with average of 28.

But one decision of mahendra singh dhoni to make him opener changes his entire carrier. Now we think rohit sharma the best ODI opener. There are having reason behind this. We cannot ignore his runs as opener. He score hundred in his each 3 inning. He is only batsman in world who score hundred in his 10 consecutive ODI seires. Rohit is also second indian batsman who hits 200 sixes.

Rohit stats reflect the best ODI opener

Till dec 201279197830.4377.932
After jan 2012109560959.1610020

As the stats shows that his carrier is change after opening. His average incenses significantly. Now he becomes the most consistent batsman. He is only batsman in the world who had score 3 double century. His highest score in ODI is 264 which he score against Srilanka. Rohit sharma is now number 2 batsman in ICC ranking. He have highest ODI average among all openers batsman. These record make him strong contender of best ODI opener.

Stats of Top 5 openers as average for best ODI opener

Players nameInningsRunsAverage
Rohit sharma109560959.16
Hasim Amla163766650.10

This stats table shows rohit performance as openers. He may have less runs than sachin and other openers but his consistency is very high. In this generation there is having no any doubt that rohit is best ODI opener in the world. As we know that consistency is main reason behind team success and it comes from average of batsman. Here Rohit sharma is very far behind all other players. The difference between the first position and second position is about 10 which is very high.

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