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Look out at the 10 best individual performance in the history of the World Cup. Here we discuss batsman performances. There are many innings which make me difficult to select them but we give our best. It may differ from your choice. We not select as per the number of runs but on the impact of runs. Here is the selection of the 10 best inning and later we will discuss 5 of them.

  1. Kapil Dev 175* in 1983
  2. Ricky Ponting 140* in 2003
  3. Gautam Gambhir 97 in 2011
  4. Sachin Tendulkar 98 runs in 2003
  5. Imran Khan 72 in 1992
  6. Adam Gilchrist 147 in 2003
  7. Viv Richards 181 in 1987
  8. Clive Lyod 102 in 1975
  9. Inzamam ul hak 60 in 1992
  10. Kevin O’ Brien 113 in 2011

1. Kapil Dev 175* in 1983 World Cup

World Cup
Photo Credit: BCCI

I think there is no debate over this selection. This is inning which inspired the nation towards cricket. This inning transforms Indian cricket history. Kapil Dev scored 175 runs in just 138 balls. This is the inning where he shows that how to take a calculated risk in hitting big sorts. Many of you may say that it comes against the debutant team Zimbabwe but the impact of this inning is much more than runs. Indian team scored 266 runs in which 175 comes Kapil paji. In this match, the Indian team loses his 5 wickets on just 17 runs. And then after Kapil inning comes in the match.

2. Ricky Ponting 140* in World Cup 2003

World Cup
Photo credit: Cricket. com. au

This is inning which destroys Indian team dream to win World Cup. After giving the tremendous start to the team he guided the team to big 359 runs which result from a winning total of the team. Ponting plays slow at the start of the inning and then after start, he made runs quickly. This inning helps Australia to win World Cup 2003.

3. Gautam Gambhir 97 in World Cup 2011

World Cup
Photo credit: The Quint

Gambhir plays many outstanding innings but I think this is most special inning played by Gautam. He scored 97 runs but these runs help India to win World Cup. Many of us would say that Dhoni inning is better but the impact of Gambhir inning is more. After Sachin and Sehwag got early Gambhir made partnership along-with Virat and Dhoni. He misses his well deserve hundred but his inning becomes special of all time. This inning comes under pressure.

4. Sachin Tendulkar 98 runs in World Cup 2003

World Cup
Photo credit: News18

In World Cup 2003, Sachin Tendulkar scored an iconic 98 runs against Pakistan. Pakistan batted first and they scored 273 runs on 7 wickets. Saeed Anwar played a brilliant inning and scored a hundred. Sachin and Sehwag come to bat and both start playing big sorts but Sehwag got out on 21, on the other hand, Sachin still plays his sorts. Sachin hits 12 fours and 1 six in his inning. He misses his hundred but he saves this match for the Indian team. Sachin is Man of the Match for his outstanding inning.

5. Imran Khan 72 in 1992 World Cup

World Cup
photo credit: dawn

There are having no dout over this selection. This special inning come under pressure. This 1992 World Cup Final match where Pakistan played against the English team. Pakistan won the toss and they decided to bat first but they lose his 2 wickets on 24 runs. Then at number 3, Imran Khan comes to bat. Imran Khan made the partnership with Javed Miandad. Imrah scored 72 runs in 110 balls with the help of 5 fours and 1 six. This iconic inning leads to Pakistan win. This performance of Imran Khan not only help in World Cup win but also in changing Pakistan cricket history.

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  1. I’m not a big football fan, but I like your writing. And it helps to know some history, it makes me feel like less of an outsider when I hang out with the guys and they switch to talking about football 🙂

  2. Wow they are so talented and making their team, country and parents so proud! Kudos for these sports heroes 😀

  3. What an interesting article. You really brought some old memories. Thanks for sharing such cool pictures and they all are fantastic players in the history and also their winnings.

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